Timorous Journalism

I am struck by similarities between the ways the financial crisis, swine flu and global warming scares, unfold in the media.

For the majority, daily real time actual experience of them is minimal or non-existent.  For example a majority of people still, have not had swine flu, or suffered the adverse effects of climate change, or unemployment. If you hadn’t had access to the media, you could have been  going about the ordinary business of living for the past year and these ‘crises’  would have all passed invisibly by.

 Compare this to crises which were apparent and tangible. For example, the recent snow storms which brought large parts of Britain to a standstill or the economic crises of the mid 1970’s – the three day week, petrol shortages, 20% price inflation.

There is a serious financial crisis but it is not the one being reported by the media, instead it is a lost orphan amongst the fantasy, and fictions of mute and timorous journalists.

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