Snow is in the air..

I have been feeling excited for days waiting for the first snow of the year to fall in the city. I know that snow has already been falling on some of the nearby slopes because a few snow roofed cars have been arriving for work some mornings.  

Last week  I had winter tyres fitted to the car and checked out our snow boards and kit in the Keller.  At the edges of the city,  roadside snow poles are back in place – we are ready!

Over the next weeks the temperature gauge in my car will drop from +2 as I drive out of the underground car park at 05.45 am, to -10  in the seven  minute drive to the swimming pool

Often I read the newspaper for a few minutes before the Bader Meister opens up, but after a couple of years here, I am now  so acculturated that I feel guilty dumping the supplements of the Financial Times I won’t read in the changing room bin before I swim.  I know someone else will have to empty the bin and separate out the newspapers to a waste paper box for recycling.

What is happening to me? If you scratch me, soon I may bleed Emmental