As Heidi might have told Icarus – 2000 metres is often enough

Another grey day in Zug.  

Much as I love Zug, the lack of wind and the topographical eccentricities here mean that often three or four days can pass before Sammy Sun deigns to bless the heads of the hedgies, multi-corporistas, their floosies and their kids, as they stroll beside the Zugersee.

I used to get a sun fix by driving through the Gotthard -a 1.5 hour drove  to the next climate. After the Gotthard the probability of sun increases but it was necessary sometimes to drive still for a further five or six hours to the Cote – particularly in winter.

Then I discovered what property developers have known for some years – the answer is to travel up, not across.

Today I left cloudy and misty Zug at 09.30 and returned at 17.00 to a still cloudy city – but with sun burn!

I did this by looking at webcams on the nearest peaks this morning until I found the nearest point where the cam was looking down on cloud cover. Today this was Brunni, up from Engelberg.

Together with Mrs B and our kids, we have walked 5 km, including barefoot around Härzlisee(1,860 metres), played on rafts on a lake, had lunch, been on two kinds of cable lift, ridden a rodelbahn, all of this in brilliant warm sunshine.

The Swiss truly have it all, and also explains why I rarely see them in Antibes, they already have the Cote at 2000 metres!