Zug, putting the pat into the ex-pat?

Zug is a quietly booming city. Only the sound of the occasional helicopters used here to transport building materials to the upper floors of construction sites suggest dynamism.

From April until October the smell of cow dung wafts through Zug’s modestly affluent streets.   The  City has crisp borders with its farm neighbours. Where office blocks end, pasture begins. It is a precisely constructed city, the parts fitting together like Lego.

Although living in Zug city, I can buy milk from a farmhouse 500 metres away.

When I first arrived, nostalgic for the atmosphere of London City bars, I discovered the Almodobar. During the early Summer evenings it fills with financial traders in their shirtsleeves drinking beer from the bottle, and I am comforted.

The Siemens Building where the Almodobar was situated, is a brilliant white modern, climate controlled block, where blinds and shutters whirr intermittently adjusting the sunlight falling on the two large trees growing in the heart of the complex, and keeping the sun out of eyes of the many screen traders located there.

And, at about 800 metres, it is about as far as you can get anywhere in the city,  from  a cow pat.

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2 thoughts on “Zug, putting the pat into the ex-pat?

  1. Ah – how nice to see you putting such a brave face on yr antiseptic exile! Still missing the Great Wen horribly?

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