Lex – What Happened?

The Financial Times Lex column was once thought provoking, informative, and occasionally witty.  Now it is lazy warmed-over,  regurgitant, boring, with a narcissistic emphasis on style wrapped around flabby content –  or am I just having a bad day?

The writers increasingly seem focused upon delivering punning displays of familiarity with popular culture, in vacuous and woolly pieces that even a teenage scribbler would be ashamed of.

Recently an anaemic story about Gazprom began with a sentence containing the phrase “playing chicken with Kiev”  (geddit!),  and another deeply un-insightful piece about WPP (the advertising company) was headlined “’Ad enough” (hysterical or what!)).

In the same WPP story, Lex includes  a quote from a fictional character (Don Draper of the Mad Men TV series). “asked how he could sleep at night after spending his days on Madison Avenue dreaming up ways to sell housewives soap flakes and cigarettes, Don Draper replied “On a bed made of money”   If only adand’s mattresses were as comfy today”,  Lex goes on to conclude, though it escapes me as to why. 

Where’s the meat? We should be told.  

The Financial Times is a serious newspaper, wasn’t it?

90% bun!